Fireworks Farm

~Promoting the versatility of the Hackney since 1992~

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Carnation Fireworks, born July 4th, 1984, known to his friends as "Pete."  Our first Hackney and farm namesake.  Picture c. '93-'94.



Half Moon Bay, Columbus Day, 1992, with Carnation Fireworks (Pete) and Mary's Royal Princess (American Paint Pony)  


Pete and Princess out on the town again together (she's being camera shy in the background)

Christmas 1992



Sandy Tozzini and Carnation Fireworks, back in the days when putting a Western saddle on a Hackney pony was considered scandal!  (1996)



 One of our favorite photos.  Unfortunately, it has suffered some damage over the years.  Far left is Magic (Mourning Cloak Magic Pride), ridden by Cheryl Bolt, center is Pete, ridden by Sandy Tozzini, and Princess is far right with Mary Schwabel.  Yes, Hackneys can team pen-- and WIN!  Many thanks to Dina Tozzini for snapping this shot!