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1.  Australian Shepherd Lovers
All About Your Favorite Breed. Information and resources featuring sections on Australian Shepherd history, health, genetics, temperament, training and agility with directories of rescue organizations and breeders.

2  American Hackney Horse Society

3  Canadian Hackney Society

4.  Hackney Horse Hub- Information about Hackney ponies and horses, various resources for Hackney owners and enthusiasts including free classifieds. 

5.  Horses for Sale - Horses for Sale, Stud and Lease at EquineHits. Free horse photos!

6.  The Stallion Source

7.  Super Sweats - The ONLY place we've found a good pony neck sweat that works and is durable, highly recommend!  Several options for personalizing for your pony- extra velcro, bonnet option, surcingle option, none of the velcro is sewn in place so it is completely moveable for your pony, and sweats can be trimmed down if too large. Ask for Joy, she is a wonderful resource.

8.  ThinkHorses & HorsesOnly

9.  O Horse Directory

10.  HorseNPony

11.  Pets The complete guide to pets, hobby and show animals.

Farrier, Shasta County:

Kelly Morrow (530) 276-4608

Vet, Shasta County:

1. Rob Lydon, DVM (530) 474-4753

2. Cottonwood Vet (530) 347-3711

Vet, San Francisco Bay Area

Wayne Browning. Bayhill Equine.  650-851-2300. 

Farrier, San Francisco Bay Area:

Rich Fraser 209-345-3640