Fireworks Farm

~Promoting the versatility of the Hackney since 1992~

                 ~Who We Are~

We are a small breeding operation in Northern California, focusing on preserving and promoting our favorite breeds of animals.  Our farm is named in loving memory of our first Hackney pony, "Carnation Fireworks."  We have not only named our farm after him, we are also helping to preserve his bloodlines for future generations through our pony breeding program.  We raise Hackney ponies, with a focus on Pinto Hackneys; we stand a double-registered (PtHA AHHS) stallion at stud and have a small number of home-bred offspring available for purchase. 

We have chosen to breed St. Croix sheep, a threatened breed of hair sheep, because we like their ease of care, parasite and foot rot resistance, docile temperament, and mild-flavored meat.  We also enjoy their goat-like personalities and intelligence, without the goat propensity for fence destruction.  Lastly, as hair sheep, they need no shearing!  Sheep available- ewes, rams, wethers- but please place your orders early, each new lamb crop sells out quickly!

Our Australian Shepherd & Standard Poodle  represent the breeds we grew up with as children, and we feel that they are too nice to keep to ourselves and out of the gene pool.  Both are AKC registered, and we have an AKC-approved semen shipping facility nearby.  Stud service only, no puppies.

          Visitors welcome by appointment- please call or e-mail us.        

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            ~Promoting the versatility of the Hackney since 1992~